Skylights in Ballarat

Skylights on the roof are a great way to bring natural lighting into the space and making your home more energy-efficient. Dr Roof has been doing stellar skylights in Ballarat over the years, installing quality skylights robust to weather natural elements and still allowing the natural light to come through.

As a skylight installation company, we specialise in installing a wide range of premium skylights in Ballarat, including flexi-shaft and solid shaft skylights. We are also suppliers and installers of VELUX skylights and roof windows and various other custom roof lighting solutions. Over the last three decades, we have done skylight installations for residential, commercial and industrial properties considering the light needs of our clients and advising them on the appropriate skylights solutions for them in Ballarat.

Skylights have been a popular option in Ballarat like roofing contractors ballarat, and more so now. More a source for natural light, they are part of sustainable building practices that help in reducing greenhouse gases by bringing in natural heat from sunlight. In addition, a skylight significantly reduces dampness inside living spaces, which lowers the chances of mould growth in wet areas of the home like bathrooms and wet spaces.

Skylight Installation Company

When you choose to work with Dr Roof as your skylights installation company, you have the advantage of experience and expertise on your side. Bringing high-quality products with excellent installation quality is the foundation of our business ethos. We advise our clients on the right skylight products for their property in Ballarat by clearly understanding their requirements and not just push products.

Dr Roof, as a leading skylights installation company, brings to our clients in Ballarat the following products:

Standard Skylights:

Quick and rapid installation product, the “flexi-shaft” skylights is standard skylights that give you maximum benefits of a skylight in Ballarat at low cost.

VELUX Skylights:

Dr Roof is a dealer and installer of VELUX skylights. They are the leading manufacturers of skylights in the world and cladding in ballarat. They are designed and tested for weathering the harsh Australian conditions; they are 5-star energy rated, hail and cyclone tested, and high bushfire attach rates, makes them ideal skylights for your home in Ballarat. Whether you choose their fixed, manual or electric opening range of skylights, you’ll have the satisfaction of choosing the best product.

Roof Windows:

The installation of roof windows in your attic will help transform your dark attic into a bright and well-lit space that can be used as an extension of your home. With easy-opening roof windows, you’ll now be able to enjoy natural light and fresh air in your home. Dr Roof provides excellent quality installation services regardless of the type of skylights or roof windows you choose for your property. Our team of experienced tradies do their best in all their work and elevate their workmanship to another level. As a result, all our work is guaranteed for its quality and durability.

Choose a sustainable and natural lighting solution with skylights in Ballarat from a reliable, trusted and professional skylights installation company – Dr Roof.

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