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Dr Roof specialises in providing in-depth roof inspection reports and services to our clients. The roof is a significant investment in any property and weathers a lot from natural elements. That is why periodic roof inspections services like ours will help you maintain your roof in good condition and extend its service life. With regular roof inspection reports, we’ll provide a complete professional and experienced report on the existing condition of the roof and assess it for any minor damages or detect leaks that we can quickly fix. Without timely roof inspections, you may only realise that the roof needs fixing when damage is far beyond repair and may warrant a complete roof replacement. Leak detection services will figure out any potential leak areas and fix them before they actually become a problem.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry providing top-notch roof inspection reports and services, roof repairs ballarat and replacement, we have built a strong relationship with our clients. Besides, we provide regular roof maintenance packages that include cleaning, flashing and shingles repairs, leak detection and gutter cleaning.

Roof Inspection Reports

Our roof inspection reports are documented in software, not paper. We use the latest technologies and expert roofing specialists licensed and certified to perform the roof inspection reports.

Features of our roof inspection reports and services include:

  • Web-based reporting – Web-based reporting tools allow our team to dig into a vast repository of data no matter where they may work.
  • Mobile device accessible – Our tradesmen can view and update information on the job.
  • Visual Analysis – Visually analyse the data using insightful reports that highlight key areas of concern.
  • 100% Transparency – Although we use the information to establish job history, it is yours to use as you like.
  • Quality Hi-Res Photos – We know what we are looking for and target problem areas, taking photos to help illustrate issues.
  • Drone Footage – On request (or if access is too difficult or dangerous), we can take photos and video with a professional drone camera.
  • Safety First – Before our tradesmen set the ladder up, they are required to complete a safety check as part of the audit.
  • Job Completion Report – If Dr Roof is engaged to perform works, we send out a post-job report to let you know how we went and provide photos of the work we have done.

Roof Inspection Services

Our approach to roof inspection is clear and straightforward. For new systems, our roof inspection services include a management program that should be implemented at the beginning of the roof’s life.

In fact, any age roof will benefit from the implementation of a thorough inspection and concise management program.

With exhaustive all-encompassing roof inspection services, we intend to provide the best guidance and advice on maximising your roof’s service life and help address preventable issues from occurring. Trust Dr Roof to ensure the health of your property and also work on heritage restoration melbourne.

Roof Inspections Services by Dr Roof includes:

  1. Roof Inspections:

We love finding roof leaks! Periodic roof system inspections services can be the most effective method of ensuring that your roof systems provide the service life they are designed to provide, as well as reducing roof leaks and internal disruption. We inspect and find leaks on all types of roofs.

2. Roof Repairs:

Quality repairs that last! We don’t skimp on using cheap sealants. We don’t cut corners by failing to prepare surfaces properly. We hate call-backs and do things properly the first time. If it is beyond repair, we will give honest advice on finding solutions.

3. Roofing Reports:

When you need documentation our roof inspection services include detailed photographic roof inspection reports that’ll give you a clear picture of what is happening with your roof system. We also give you a price indication for potential repairs that can be converted into a quote. Alternately, you can use this data to make informed decisions to help choose contractors or materials. Finally, if you are buying a property, our thorough reports could save you thousands.

4. Maintenance:

Scheduled Servicing Your roof shares similarities with a fine automobile; both are significant investments, and major investments need protection. In both instances, annual maintenance can provide that protection and ensure proper functioning. But, on the other hand, a lack of inspection and maintenance will eventually result in premature failure and unexpected and avoidable expenses.

Our roof inspection reports and services can be availed starting from $99, and our expert team of highly experienced roofing specialists will also provide repairs and replacement services.

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