Leaves in the Valley

Leaves in the Valley

This client called to get an independent assessment of the condition of his roof. He had been experiencing leaks inside the house and called a roofing contractor to provide a quote to fix the problem. The contractor advised him that he would need to replace his skillion (flat) roof and install a flashing under the gutter for the cost of $5000 (the quote was written out on the back of a business card). The contractor did not even get on the roof, but simply stood back and looked at the roof and told him what the problem was; hence the client wisely chose to seek another opinion.

During my inspection I found that the cause of the problem was simply a build-up of leaves in the valley. The client would have been $5000 poorer and still had the same problem had he gone with the original quote. I cleaned the leaves out and advised him to either invest in leaf guard, or have a bi-annual inspection of the roof and gutter system.

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