Heritage Restoration in Ballarat

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The city of Ballarat is well known for buildings that represent rich heritage of styles from the 1800’s to the 1990’s.

Heritage restoration work in Ballarat needs the nuanced skill of seasoned tradies, masons, roofing experts, painters, plasterers and stone workers to revive dilapidated structures and restore them to their former glory. Dr Roof has access to a massive team of tradies that have the professional experience and skills to revive heritage buildings. Patience, artistry, and attention to detail is essential to work on roof leak repair services and heritage restoration projects.

Along with the adequate tools, techniques, and methods, our team has the proper knowledge, experience, and nuanced skill to revive heritage buildings irrespective of their condition. When it comes to heritage building restoration in Ballarat, the ability to accurately rebuild a once-glorious structure back to its original form is a task that we take seriously and dedicate an entire team of professional experts to achieve accurate results.

Besides, we do extensive research to visually understand the original view and appearance of the building before we begin restoring it.

Knowing how it was will ensure we rebuild it as it should be. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted name in heritage restoration work in Ballarat and roof inspection services, then connect with Dr Roof to get a no-obligation quote. Dr Roof specialises in heritage building restoration across Ballarat.

We are a locally owned and operated company that understands the significance of heritage buildings in our country. We have a sense of pride and purpose while working on restoration projects. Our tradies artistry and workmanship is incomparable, and they are passionate about heritage building restoration. Using the necessary tools, practical methods, and high-level skills, we can accurately and precisely recreate beautiful structures.

Heritage Building Restoration Experts

Stone structures of heritage buildings tend to get worn out and exposed to natural elements like sun, rain, hails, extreme temperature and start losing their distinct look.

Dr Roof’s heritage building restoration work will revive and revitalise the structure to restore its prestige. We have worked extensively on many heritage restoration projects in Ballarat and are proud to have achieved stellar results.

Our heritage building restoration services include working on the following:

  • The façade
  • Sculpting and carvings
  • Plaster ceiling, cornice and rose restoration
  • Paint restoration
  • Stonework restoration, including claddings
  • Resurfacing and cleaning
  • Lead and coppers work
  • Slate and metal roof restoration

We believe that heritage building restoration projects need a more profound knowledge about the buildings historical and cultural significance. That is why our team goes above and beyond to restore the original visual appeal.

Our experience has been gained from the top down, as roof leaks have often caused problems to interiors that have required us to employ masters of their trade to ensure quality results.

If you are looking for a professional, dedicated and passionate team of people who’ll meticulously work on heritage building restorations, then connect with us to get a FREE quote.

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