Don’t walk away! Everything is Fixable.

Don’t walk away! Everything is Fixable.

Once every week I come across a job that someone has walked away from. Perhaps they have started it and then realised they were out their depth, or maybe the person quoting it looked at the job and put it in the too hard basket (and simply walked away). 

Everything can be fixed, but not everything can be repaired. By fixing something you are making it better than what it is. The experience of fixing something is simply going thru the process of elimination. Find what you think is the most obvious cause of the problem and fix that first, then look for other causes. Sometimes whilst fixing one area something else becomes apparent, or you suddenly get an idea, or you might make a discovery. Look for the reasons why, ask the customer questions, be aware of your surroundings and don’t leave it for someone else to “fix”

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