Blog Introduction

Blog Introduction

Most of these blogs are written by myself (Mark Ludbrook) to educate and inform people (particularly my staff!) of the various problems and solutions that I encounter on a day to day basis. The core of our business is Roof Fixing, but we often find ourselves fixing other issues as well as doing a lot of new roofs for builders. 

The environment that we work in can be quite dangerous and stressful. Sometimes even I (the so called “expert” with 26 years’ experience) get it wrong and we get call-backs and frustrated clients when we have troublesome leaks that require more attention than usual. We do our best, I haven’t had a roof leak beat me yet but I have come close to giving up on numerous occasions (even if it gets the better of me, I can always rely on the network of “roofixers” I have at my disposal to look at the problem with fresh eyes and work thru the issues until it gets solved).

That being said, it is not “rocket science”. Most problems can be addressed by using common-sense, but providing a data base of knowledge in the form of these blogs will help not only our team, but even the home owner or builder become more aware of roofing issues. I am more than happy if our business “competitor’s” can benefit from the lessons we have learnt, as there is a severe shortage of skilled tradespeople in this industry and after the storms hit we are all stretched to the limit keeping up with repairs.

Love and Light,

Mark Ludbrook.  

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