Anchor Point Failure.

Anchor Point Failure.

This is one of the reasons why our warranty is void if other contractors do roofing works without written permission. If you look closely on the bottom you can see where the hole has been drilled into the roof sheet, but is not covered by the flange. During rain this device (and others like it) failed and caused costly damages to ceilings underneath. By looking closely at the machine rolled folds in the pan of the sheet you can see that the device is not designed to allow for that fold. It is relying on a thin rubber washer to provide a watertight seal. The contractors who installed this product will most likely just silicone around the edges of all the flanges (to provide a temporary fix), but that will eventually fail due mainly to the difference in expansion and contraction between the solid stainless steel flange and the colorbond metal. Obviously when the anchor points are used it also creates a situation where the bond between the silicone/rubber and the metal can be broken.

Any penetration in a pan that has not been back flashed runs a high risk of failure, and there are approx. 30 of these installed on this particular roof! If we had been notified that this type of anchor point was to be installed we would have advised the client to use a different design and researched and approved one that it complies to the Roofix standards (of common sense!). 

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