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Roofing in Ballarat

Dr Roof


Let Dr Roof look over your property to ensure a clean bill of health.

Dr Roof specialises in ensuring your roof remains healthy! We provide a variety of roofing solutions in Ballarat. Whether it’s roofing inspection, reporting and/or repairs, we are your go-to roof doctors. We have over 25 years of experience working on roofs. We provide diagnostic reports and repairs on all types of roofs. As a seasoned roofing contractor in Ballarat, we have provided sound and accurate reporting for many clients. We have undertaken roof restoration and roof repairs services for a range of properties.

Whether you are a homeowner, commercial property owner, factory owner or owner of any other property, if it has a roof, then we are your Dr Roof. Our team of highly reliable, professional and experienced roof specialists have worked on a range of roofing needs in Ballarat and surrounding areas. We have built a reputation for delivering on-time quality work. High-level customer satisfaction is our only goal as a roofing specialist in Ballarat.

With Dr Roof as your roofing expert in Ballarat, you get reliable, quality work that’s backed with a guarantee at affordable prices.

Dr Roof’s extensive list of services as roofing contractors for property owners, facility managers, body corporates in Ballarat:

We Report

Dr Roof, we diagnose, assess each job thoroughly, and provide a complete 360-degree professional report on the roof’s quality, structural integrity, and advise suitably on potential roof repair works needed to be done in Ballarat.

We Repair

Dr Roof is a roof repairs expert in Ballarat and bring a quality wall cladding systems. We have worked on a range of roofs, and no project is too big or small for us to repair. Whether its metal, tile, bituminous, slate, membrane, we can provide comprehensive roof repair solutions, including leak detection and roof leak repairs in Ballarat.

We Replace

At, Dr Roof we have the team of licensed and qualified tradies with exceptional standards of workmanship to replace any aspect of the roof that is deemed to be beyond repair.

We Turn Up!

Many traders are renowned for not turning up on time…..or not at all. We know your time is valuable and won’t waste it with missed appointments.

We guarantee our work

We provide guarantee’s on all our quoted work

Roof Repairs in Ballarat

A periodic roof inspection will afford you to catch any potential leaks before it damages your roof. Dr Roof provides an affordable (starting from $99 reports) roof inspection and roof inspection reports.

Further, suppose they are areas that need repair, especially roof leak repairs in Ballarat. In that case, we have a trained, qualified and licensed team of professional roof specialists to repair and fix the roof. We have an excellent track record for roof leak detection and its subsequent repairs.

Key Services by Dr Roof – Your neighbourhood expert roofing contractors in Ballarat.

  1. Leak Detection
  2. Repairs
  3. Detailed Reports
  4. Skylights
  5. New and Re-Roofing
  6. Rainwater Tanks
  7. Guttering Systems
  8. Architectural Work
  9. Ventilation Systems
  10. Loft Installations
  11. Bull Nose Verandas
  12. Awnings

Roof Maintenance, Repairs and Restoration in Ballarat

We have all-inclusive roofing maintenance, repairs and restoration service packages in Ballarat that are low cost preventive measures that will help maximise the roof’s service life. Avoid loss of money and stress and let us keep your roof and its guttering system clear and debris free to reduce the risk of water clogging, and resulting in failure and warrants costly replacement. Regular maintenance, high-pressure cleaning, tile replacement, fixing repairs, priming and sealing are part of our heritage restoration and roof restoration service packages in Ballarat.

Our roof maintenance and restoration services in Ballarat are available in three different price packages.

  1. INITIAL SERVICE PACKAGE For “First Timers.”
  2. SCHEDULE PACKAGE Scheduled Servicing

Regardless of the size and expanse of your roof, you can now keep your roof system healthy with Dr Roof. So trust us as your skylights Ballarat and roofing experts in Ballarat and let us get on top of things by scheduling a programmed maintenance package.


Reports documented in software, not paper

Web-based reporting

Web-based reporting tools allow our team to dig into a vast repository of data no matter where they may work.

Mobile device accessible

Our tradesmen can view and update information on the job.

Visual Analysis

Visually analyse the data using insightful reports that highlight key areas of concern.

100% Transparency

Although we use the information to establish job history, it is yours to use as you like.

Quality Hi-Res Photos

We know what we are looking for and target problem areas, taking photos to help illustrate issues.

Drone Footage

On request (or if access is too difficult or dangerous), we can take photos and video with a professional drone camera.

Safety First
Job Completion Report

If Dr Roof is engaged to perform works, we send out a post-job report to let you know how we went and provide photos of the work we have done.



Our mantainance Servies are Available in three differnet packages

First Timers, Scheduled Servicing and the Property manager package for those entities managing multiple properties. Each package contains different pricing, and performs different tasks.

Keep your Roof System healthy and let us get on top (pun intended) of things by scheduling a programmed maintenance package.

Getting to issues before they become unrepairable can save lots of money and headaches.

Let us make sure all of your guttering systems are clear to prevent costly repairs in the event of failure.



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